Adult Tennis

Adult tennis coaching programs are designed to cater to the specific needs and goals of adults who want to learn or enhance their tennis skills. Whether you are a complete beginner or have some experience on the court, these programs offer a structured and supportive environment where you can develop your technique, strategy, and overall game.

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What’s On for


Whether you’re brand new to the game or have some basic experience, our group lessons will provide you with a solid foundation to develop your tennis skills and enjoy the sport to the fullest.

  • Rusty Rackets for beginners
  • Cardio Tennis for fitness

Star Tennis Beginners Adult Coaching Macclesfield Cheshire

Group Coaching for

Improvers – Advanced

In these coaching sessions, we will focus on refining your technique, enhancing your physical conditioning, and developing a deeper understanding of the strategic aspects of the game.

  • Cardio Tennis for fitness
  • Intermediate/Advanced Group Coaching
  • Doubles Tactics

Adult Group Coaching 

Beginner Rusty Rackets

This is our most popular beginners course. Rusty Rackets is a fun 6 week course to help players gain confidence for some playing for the first time or not playing for many years.  


Adult Academy 

Sessions have a different tactical theme each week from serve and volley to improving cross court backhands.

Intermediate – These group sessions are for players currently playing social tennis and matchplay but wanting a extra edge to their game.  

Advanced – For higher level club players potentially playing team tennis and club tournaments with a desire to raise their game to the next level.

Doubles Tactics

 These session are designed with specific themes for doubels from serve and volley, lob returns or intercepting at the net. Methodology is based on the Loise Cayer Doubels system (coach to GB team and world renowned doubels coach)

Cardio Tennis 

A action packed 1hr workout on the tennis court to help you burn up to 600 calories. Sessions are all about you hitting a high volume of balls and having fun on the court with basket and love ball drills. 

Individual Support

Private Lessons

A great way to receive more attention to detail on your shots and improve your confidence on the court. Players often want to improve their weaker shots like backhands or serves, prepare for a competition or like the privacy of learning without distractions

Video Analysis 

We can analyse a shot by you sending in a video and we can feedback with corrections to your technique and give you exercises to work on in your own time. 

Fitness (Strength & Conditioning)

 We can provide support with preparing your body for competition with a specific fitness plan and / or 1:1 or group gym sessions to build a robust body. Either at your local gym or with Prestbury Physio or 5s Fitness

Match Analysis 

We can analyse a match with match charting to help provide statistics and feedback on the outcome of your shots. A coach can help provide tactical and mental coaching after a match and learn from our match experiences when under pressure.

Star Tennis Beginners Adult Coaching Macclesfield Cheshire


I'm new to tennis. Do you have sessions for complete beginners?

Yes we do. We offer beginners groups for both adults and children. For adults we have a rusty rackets session. You can find out about adult beginner sessions and links to book online on our Adult Beginners page here.

For kids we have 2 age groups U10 and U11-U18. Both of these groups have beginner sessions. For U10’s you can find further information here and also the link to LTA Youth Courses which are 6 week beginners courses which we also offer.

Over 10’s can join our group sessions the timetables and session information can be found on the U11-U18 page here

Do you offer private coaching?

All our coaches offer private lessons, the prices and contact details for coaches can be found on the private lesson page. You can also find out more about all our coaches on the team page.

Do you offer coaching in schools?

Yes, the Star Tennis Team coach in local Primary Schools around Macclesfield and Wilmslow with a variety of initiatives. Find out more about our programmes for schools here.

Do you have holiday camps for kids?

Yes, we run camps throughout the holidays. More details can be found on the holiday camp page here. Alternatively you can view our upcoming camps and book online with this link.

Do you offer advanced coaching?

Details of our advanced coaching sessions for adults can be seen here. We ask that you get in touch with us at Star Tennis about advanced coaching so we can assess your needs personally. The same applied for the youth advanced coaching.