Beginners Adult Tennis

Tennis is a wonderful sport that combines physical fitness, skill, and strategy. Whether you’re brand new to the game or have some basic experience, these lessons will provide you with a solid foundation to develop your tennis skills and enjoy the sport to the fullest.

Star Tennis Beginners Adult Coaching Macclesfield Cheshire

Rusty Rackets

Our most popular beginners group. Rusty Rackets is a fun 6 week course to help players gain confidence for some playing for the first time or not playing for many years. Groups are usually based on 4 to 6 players. Tuesday 1pm / Wednesday 8pm / Thursday 6:30pm.


  • Baseline shots (week 1/2)
  • Serve and return (week3/4)
  • Net play & Doubles  (week 5/6)
  • Social Event at the end of every course
Star Tennis Beginners Cardio Coaching Macclesfield Cheshire

Cardio Tennis

Who is it for?

This cardio session is suitable for beginners and intermediate players. You don’t need to be super fit and the class is designed to be taken at a pace that suits you.

What is a typical class like?

Your trained Cardio Tennis instructor will lead you through a 60 minute class consisting of a short warm up and cool down either side of a 40 minute full body workout.

  • Warm up
    Some dynamic stretching, skills and drills to get your body warm and mind sharp before the workout begins
  • Aerobic section
    Here’s your chance to hit loads of shots, including forehands, backhands, serves and volleys, all mixed with a variety of fitness activities
  • Tennis section
    Put your shots into practice with fun tennis games. You’ll never play one-on-one; your team mates will be with you all the way
  • Cool down
    Well done, you made it! Now it’s time to recover and stretch


What is a typical class like? Check out this video to see what’s involved with cardio tennis.

Cardio at home :  8 minute workout video

Group Coaching at Prestbury Tennis Club

Adult Timetable


Day / Time Level Coach
Tuesday 1:00pm / Wednesday 8pm / Thursday 1pm /  Thursday 6:30pm Beginner Jon & Sam
Monday 6:30pm / Tuesday 6:30pm / Wednesday 7:30pm  / Thursday 7:30pm Intermediate  Jon & Jarek


(ask for times)

Intermediate Jon & Jarek